Electrode 405 series

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The 405-DPAS electrode is a low maintenance pH electrode. The electrode is filled with pressurized gel electrolyte. The electrode is primarily intended for use in in-line measurements, in biotechnology applications and in the food processing and beverage industries. The electrode is dedicated to use in reactos, tanks, open pools and transmission lines - wherever there are particullarly difficult process conditions resulting from the chemical composition of the tested material. The Pt4805-DPA electrode is filled with a gel reference electrolyte under a pressure of 2.5 bar. Electrode with a patended silver ion trap to prevent contamination of the diaphragm when the electrode is in contact with a sulphide-containing medium. The positive pressure inside the electrode ensures a gradual outflow of the electrolyte, effectively cleaning the diaphragm and preventing the process medium from entering the electrode area where there is a reference electrolyte.


Technical specification:

Technical specification: 405-DPAS-SC-K8S
Number of membranes 1
silver ion trap yes
Membrane ceramic
pH range 0-12
Pressure resistance (bar) Overpressure up to 2.5 bar
Pressure resistance (psi) Overpressure up to 36 psi
Reference system System Argenthal
Sterilizable yes
Temperature range 0-100 °C
Autoclavable yes
ISM no
Technical data Low maintenance pH electrode



Model Parameter Temperature [° C]
405-DPAS-SC-K8S 0-12 pH 0-100 °C

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