Benchtop fume hoods

  • Benchtop fume hood with filter module in accordance with NF X 15-211 class 1 i 2

    Benchtop fume hood with filter module in accordance with NF X 15-211 class 1 i 2

    Producer: Ecosafe

    Nr CAT:

    Dimensions: W600xD650xH950 mm, W900xD750xH935 mm, W1200xD750xH1160 mm, W1500xD750xH1160 mm, W1800xD750xH1240 mm

    Other: two, triangular slots, one, trapezoidal slot

  • Benchtop Fume Hoods for Connection to Building Ventilation

    Benchtop Fume Hoods for Connection to Building Ventilation

    Producer: Ecosafe

    Nr CAT:

    Dimensions: W600xD650xH745 mm, W900xD750xH945 mm, W1200xD750xH945 mm, W1500xD750xH945 mm, W1800xD750xH1240 mm

    Other: Two, triangular slots, One, trapezoidal slot


Benchtop fume hoods are used for laboratory work in limited spaces. This type of fume hood is placed directly on the workbench. The device allows for the absorption of harmful vapors from the workspace, protecting against poisoning and fumes.

Benchtop fume hoods are specialized devices used in laboratories for carrying out chemical processes, such as the digestion of chemical samples using high temperatures and pickling acids. The digestion process is commonly used in chemical analysis to prepare samples for the determination of the content of various substances, including heavy metals, mineral components, organic compounds, and other chemical elements.

Benchtop fume hoods operate on a similar principle to laboratory digesters, which are more advanced and provide greater control over the process parameters, as well as the ability to process larger samples. In a laboratory fume hoods, samples are placed in special reaction vessels that are resistant to the effects of acids and high temperatures, such as quartz or Teflon vessels. The samples are then subjected to the action of a carefully selected acid or a mixture of acids (often nitric acid HNO3 or a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids).

Laboratory fume hoods are particularly useful for analyzing multiple samples simultaneously and allow for the one-time preparation of larger quantities of samples for chemical analysis. They are used in various laboratory fields, including:

  1. Environmental laboratories: The analysis of soil, water, and air to determine the content of heavy metals, pollutants, and other chemical substances.
  2. Geological laboratories: The analysis of minerals, rocks, and soils for the identification of mineral components and other chemical compounds.
  3. Industrial laboratories: The quality control of raw materials and products, as well as in research and development.
  4. Food laboratories: The analysis of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other substances present in food.

Benchtop fume hoods are essential tools in chemical analysis, enabling precise and reliable sample preparation before analysis. This is crucial in scientific research, quality control, and many other laboratory applications.

We offer fume hoods in various sizes, making it easy to adapt them to your own workspace. Transparent walls allow for proper lighting of the extraction area and easy observation. Our range includes fume hoods with manual and trapezoidal openings. We encourage you to explore our offerings.