Low-temperature freezers

  • Cabinet freezers

    Cabinet freezers

    Cabinet freezers are the most commonly chosen type of freezers for laboratory use. With the ability to connect the freezer to an external remote...

  • Low-temperature chest freezer

    Low-temperature chest freezer

    Chest freezers are single-compressor units, so they consume less energy while being highly efficient in use. Thanks to the use of polyurethane...

  • Portale low temperature freezers

    Portale low temperature freezers

    The portable freezer offers compact, reliable and energy-efficient storage of biological materials. With its compact size and small capacity...

  • Accessories for low temperature freezers

    Accessories for low temperature freezers

    Accessories for low-temperature freezers allow you to equip them with a number of additional features that improve daily use. We offer both an...


The low-temperature freezer provides safe and long storage of samples at -86oC. Low-temperature freezers emit little heat, which makes them very convenient and ensures optimal heat balance throughout the laboratory. Storing biological material at temperatures below -80 oC is extremely important in conducting experiments. Various models of low-temperature freezers are available, i.e. cabinet, chest and portable with different capacities depending on the customer's needs, i.e. the amount of material to be stored and the storage space required by the laboratory technician. All low-temperature freezers offered by our company have a bright digital display with easy menus and are protected by an alarm system. Low-temperature freezers are also equipped with a heated gasket which ensures that the freezer can be opened easily and that the door does not stick to the freezer compartment due to icing. The freezers we offer also have a port from the equalization of pressure when they are opened. This menu informs us about the temperature in the chamber and the need to replace the filter or perform a periodic inspection of the device. It is also possible to equip our low-temperature freezers with a GSM emergency notification system for monitoring the operation of the device. In the event of an emergency, you will be informed of a power outage, or an increase in the temperature inside the device. Such information will be sent by SMS message to your cell phone or by e-mail to your mailbox . If necessary, we also install a compressed back-up system with a CO2 or N2 cylinder system (cylinders with a built-in siphon are necessary). This system, in the event of an emergency, launches gas directly into the low-temperature freezer compartment to immediately lower the temperature inside the freezer, dispensing gas in the right proportions and thus keeping the temperature negative for longer until service arrives. Then our time to move the material is much longer and allows us to safely protect the stored material. It is also important that the system is tested regularly and the cylinders contain the right amount of gas. To make optimum use of the space in the low-temperature freezer, it should be equipped with so-called crampons and boxes for storing material. The boxes can be made of polypropylene or thick paperboard. Each of these boxes is easily and securely marked, and then we can be sure that our samples are properly labeled and there will be no mistake in the stored biological material. We also offer UPS systems to keep the freezer running.