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  • CAT heatplates

    CAT heatplates

    CAT heatplate is used for basic laboratory work. It is an indispensable item in any laboratory. The hotplate is made of stainless steel, aluminum...

  • Mini heatplates

    Mini heatplates

    Producer: Ohaus

    Nr CAT:

    Temperature [° C]: 500, Nie dot., do 500

The laboratory heating plate is designed for roasting substances at temperatures of 40 to 300 oC. The surface of the plate is made of stainless steel, ceramic or aluminum, which guarantees the maintenance of a flat shape even after a long period of use. The heating device, working on the basis of infrared radiation, is placed in a housing provides high resistance to acids and alkalis. The temperature control system allows stepless adjustment. Some available models are equipped with a digital display, which gives the user the ability to program a timer, safety temperature and also connect an external thermometer.