Ultrasonic Cleaners

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    Ultrasonic Cleaners ULTRON

    Ultron ultrasonic cleaners ensure smooth operation and equipment reliability. The working mechanism of ultrasonic cleaners involves transmitting...

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    Ultrasonic Cleaners Polsonic



Ultrasonic Cleaners are devices that enable achieving maximum cleanliness in a shorter time compared to conventional cleaning methods such as manual washing, spraying, or similar. Ultrasound effectively removes contaminants such as polishing and grinding pastes, abrasives, shavings, and emulsions. The cavitation caused by ultrasound is intense but does not damage delicate or intricate mechanisms.


Ultrasonic cleaners require minimal supervision, and cleaning in these machines can be performed by unskilled personnel. Ultrasonic cleaning systems can be easily adapted for use in mass production.. We offer ultrasonic cleaners from two leading manufacturers in our regular sales.


Ultrasonic cleaners ensure smooth operation and equipment reliability. The working mechanism involves transmitting ultrasonic waves through water containing a cleaning fluid. This process generates thousands of small microbubbles that induce pressure changes, separating dirt particles from the cleaned surface.


The cleaners feature continuous operation and adjustable cleaning time, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. To expedite the cleaning process, some ultrasonic cleaners offer a heating option, reaching temperatures up to 80°C. The heating system's power is tailored to the tank size to ensure adequate heating at the right speed.


The housing and tanks in ultrasonic cleaners are made of high-quality stainless steel. Typically, the tank construction is pressed, ensuring no angles or corners and, most importantly, no potential leakage points. The devices are also easy to keep clean.


In our product range, you will find ultrasonic cleaners with capacities ranging from one to several tens of liters. Larger models come with a standard liquid drain valve, while smaller models can optionally include this feature. Optional accessories include a wide range of baskets and trays, carrying handles, digital microprocessor controllers, and covers.


For the most efficient cleaning in ultrasonic cleaners, special cleaning fluids can be applied to expedite the process. Ultrasonic cleaners find broad applications not only in various types of laboratories and production halls but are also widely used, for example, in jewelry workshops for cleaning jewelry or in electronics servicing facilities for cleaning small components.