• DS digital densitometers

    DS digital densitometers

    Producer: Kruess

    Nr CAT:

    Description: Manual, Semi-automatic

  • Densito portable densimeter

    Densito portable densimeter

    Producer: Mettler Toledo

    Nr CAT:

    Measurement range [o]: 0,000 - 3,000 g/cm3

    Accuracy: ± 0,001 g/cm3

Density meter is a laboratory instrument that is used in various types of laboratories (chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petroleum, cosmetics, brewing, etc.) Generally speaking, density meters are instruments that enable fast and precise measurement, measurement that is repeatable, reliable and gives clear precise results. It is worth mentioning what this laboratory equipment is used for, in the main the instrument allows you to measure the density of liquids. In addition, the density meters allow the determination of specific gravity, alcohol percentage, BRIX degrees, API and Baumé values. We can distinguish two types of these devices, digital and portable density meters. Digital densitometers have a special oscillating tube through which density measurement is carried out. They are ideal for analyzing almost all liquids, emulsions, pastes and other types of substances. Portable density meters are designed for use both in laboratories and during field studies. A characteristic feature of these devices is that they show high durability, performance and precision. The density meters are made of high-quality materials. In the case of digital densitometers, the parts that are in direct contact with the test sample are manufactured from borosilicate glass and PTFE. We offer oscillating devices that provide density measurement in the range of 0.00000 - 1.99999 g/cm3, which allows for very high accuracy of analysis. The results are automatically calculated and then shown on a posted display. Advanced digital densitometers have a color touchscreen display. The density meter's software allows the device to be operated in six languages, management of the device is protected by a password, so that no unwanted person can make changes to the configuration. The received results can be easily exported to peripheral devices and further the user can perform data processing, segregation e and other activities with the received measurement results. Interfaces such as RS-232, USB help export and the ability to connect to Ethernet allows the device to be included in the software configuration of a particular laboratory. Digital devices allow measurements and work in accordance with GMP/GLP, have NIST calibration certificate and SQL database. The devices are extremely easy to use, allow intuitive work, and in case of any problems with operation the manual is stored in the memory of the device. The very small required volume of the sample allows for comfortable work even with very valuable materials whose quantity, volume is not large. The measurement time, even with the temperature control option, is short - in just 1-3 minutes the user gets reliable and reproducible results. The primary role of portable density meters is to allow work outside the laboratory (although, of course, these devices can also be used indoors). Portable densitometers give a reliable, credible result, are lightweight and very convenient to use. We invite you to contact our company, where qualified customer advisors will help you choose the right device for you.