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  • Analytical scales

    Analytical scales

    Analytical scales is used in every laboratory for routine use in laboratory work. The balance allows weighing objects with very high accuracy...

  • Precision laboratory scales

    Precision laboratory scales

    Precision scales are used in almost every laboratory, as well as for lighter work in industry. It has a wide range of load capacities, provides...

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    Portable scales Ohaus

    High-performance portable scales with easy-to-read touch screens for high accuracy and productivity

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    Moisture analyzers

    The physical properties of a substance are greatly influenced by the moisture content in it. At various stages of production, the moisture content...

  • Hydrostatic scales

    Hydrostatic scales


A laboratory balance is a device used for the precise determination of the mass of solids and liquids used in laboratory practice. A precision balance system is most commonly used in laboratories. This mechanism works on the principle of measuring the angle of twist of quartz fibres, which are mechanically or pneumatically damped to accelerate the measurement process. With the right combination of performance and application, these balances are the perfect tool for performing simple weighings in both precision-demanding laboratories and in harshly operating industrial plants, where the devices are fitted with special mechanisms for durability. We offer micro balances, precision balances, analytical balances, drying balances, as well as accessories such as spare weighing pans and weighing standards (weights). Microbalances enable weighing with a very high degree of accuracy, even of samples with a low weight. Analytical balances, on the other hand, are characterised by high weighing performance, ease of operation and most have a touchscreen. Precision balances, on the other hand, are an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable scale providing precise weighing in processes in the laboratory as well as in harsh industrial environments. The moisture analyzers provide accurate and fast as well as precise and reliable results when determining the moisture content. The use of halogen heating and advanced weighing technology makes the moisture determination process extremely simple and straightforward. Calibration weights and test weights for laboratory balances are manufactured to the highest standards. We are able to supply balance weights sets in accordance with OIML standards. All this ensures that the balances we offer are made to the highest standards and are used in a variety of processes. We are aware of the fact that purchasing a laboratory balance is not an easy decision to make. Above all, we suggest that you pay attention to the parameters you need in your daily laboratory work. One of the basic parameters is a suitable casing - it should ensure stability and good adhesion to the floor. When using a laboratory balance, a suitable weighing table is also indispensable, which ensures measurement stability, dampens possible vibrations and allows the balance to be properly stabilised in the place where weighing processes take place. In addition, the balance should be validated and have a defined temperature range in which it can operate, i.e. the operating temperature should be precisely described. For let us not forget that the differences in temperature in which our scales operate can affect the weighing result, which, in the case of scales, is of great importance and can cause inconsistencies in measurement and thus lead to enormous problems in our daily work in the laboratory.