Pioneer Precision Scales

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  • Competitive performance at an affordable price
  • Durable design for long-lasting use
  • Designed for simple, intelligent operation


Pioneer Precision scales offer high repeatability and accuracy of results. They are a suitable solution in laboratories, industrial settings and education. The devices have a metal base and a stainless steel pan. They are built for long-term use in a variety of applications. The display of the Pioneer Precision scales has a second line, showing additional information tips in the measurement process. The scales are also equipped with a static charge removal bar and USB and RS232 connectors.


  • Programs:
    Weighing, Piece counting, Percentage weighing, Animal/dynamic weighing, Density determination
  • Display:
    Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD); second line of display with additional information or indications (dot matrix)
  • Power supply:
    AC adapter (included)
  • Communication:
    RS232 and USB host (standard); GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock
  • Construction:
    Metal base, plastic top housing, removable stainless steel pan, glass blast cabinet with removable door, built-in hook for underslab weighing, anti-theft protection, calibration lock, protective cover
  • Advantages:
    User-defined filtering level or brightness settings, auto tare, auto dim, user-defined range calibration points, software lock and reset menu, user-selectable communication settings and data print options, user-defined project and user IDs, overload/underload indicator, stability indicator, four language interface

Comparison of available models:

Model Legalization-M Internal calibration Range Readout (d) (e) Pan cal. weight, class
PX323   * 320g 1mg   diameter 120mm 200g+100g, F1
PX623   * 620g 1mg   diameter 120mm 500g+100g, F1
PX3202   * 3200g 0,01g   diameter 180mm 2kg+1kg, F1
PX6202   * 6200g 0,01g   diameter 180mm 5kg+1kg, F1
PX4201   * 4200g 0,1g   diameter 180mm 2kg+2kg, F1
PX323M * * 320g 1mg 0,01g diameter 120mm 200g+100g, F1
PX623M * * 620g 1mg 0,01g diameter 120mm 500g+100g, F1
PX3202M * * 3200g 0,01g 0,1g diameter 180mm 2kg+1kg, F1
PX6202M * * 6200g 0,01g 0,1g diameter 180mm 5kg+1kg, F1
PX4201M * * 4200g 0,1g 0,1g diameter 180mm 2kg+2kg, F1
PX323/E     320g 1mg   diameter 120mm 200g+100g, F1
PX623/E     620g 1mg   diameter 120mm 500g+100g, F1
PX3202/E     3200g 0,01g   diameter 180mm 2kg+1kg, F1
PX6202/E     6200g 0,01g   diameter 180mm 5kg+1kg, F1
PX4201/E     4200g 0,1g   diameter 180mm 2kg+2kg, F1
Model Weighing range [g] Reading accuracy
PX323 nr kat.: 30429805 320 1 mg
PX623 nr kat.: 30619383 620 1 mg
PX3202 nr kat.: 30429807 3200 0,01 g
PX6202 nr kat.: 30619385 6200 0,01 g
PX4201 nr kat.: 30429809 4200 0,1 g
PX323M nr kat.: 30430015 320 1 mg
PX623M nr kat.: 30619386 620 1 mg
PX3202M nr kat.: 30430021 3200 0,01 g
PX6202M nr kat.: 30714491 6200 0,01 g
PX4201M nr kat.: 30430024 4200 0,1 g
PX323/E nr kat.: 30429812 320 1 mg
PX623/E nr kat.: 30619382 620 1 mg
PX3202/E nr kat.: 30429814 3200 0,01 g
PX6202/E nr kat.: 30619384 6200 0,01 g
PX4201/E nr kat.: 30429816 4200 0,1 g