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    IKA homogenizers are the epitome of first-class dispersing equipment. Whether used for homogenizing, emulsifying or suspending, IKA's devices...

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    Kinematica homogenizers are ideal for homogenization in many routine applications. This homogenizer features a soft-start function that prevents...

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    High-performance laboratory blenders for solid sample preparation

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    CAT homogenizers make it possible to grind and homogenize liquid substances with a tendency to form suspensions by hand. We sell homogenizers...


A laboratory homogenizer makes it possible to produce a homogeneous mixture from immiscible substances under conditions where the substances in question do not mix with each other. In industry, these processes are used to obtain desired products, for example, in the dairy industry, milk, cream and other dairy products are homogenized. This process involves breaking up the large particles of fats contained in the milk, which prevents the fats from collecting on the surface. Among the most common types of homogenizers we can find: rotor homogenizers and pressure homogenizers. We offer a wide range of homogenizers of different power for different volumes. It depends on your needs which homogenizer to choose for a given application. Homogenizers can be used for very different volumes - from as little as a few milliliters to tens of liters, and even larger industrial homogenizers. In addition to selecting the right homogenizing tip that will effectively perform the necessary homogenization of the sample, other parameters are also important - such as the proper selection of the vessel in which the homogenization process will be carried out. Homogenizers can additionally have, for example, speed control of the homogenizing knives. Homogenizers can be equipped with manual speed control with the help of a knob, or with the help of a digital speed controller. The speed of the homogenizer can be adjusted steplessly up to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. Typical applications of homogenizers include homogenization of wastewater samples, homogenization of food samples, homogenization under vacuum together with PCR analysis. Another type of homogenizers are laboratory blenders, which are used to prepare solid samples. Samples in the blender are placed in sterile pouches, which guarantees optimal microbiological extraction in a short time and eliminates any risk of cross-contamination. The Laboratory Ball Homogenizer is a highly efficient solution for grinding, lysing, crushing, blending and homogenizing samples. It will excel in DNA, RNA, cell lysis, PCR, or gene expression analysis. Performed at high speed, the linear motion allows for rapid sample processing. They are equipped with an easy-to-load tray or tube in its place.In our offer you will find a wide range of homogenizers, professional advice and warranty and post-warranty service for the offered assortment.