• Mineralizer M9

    Mineralizer M9


    Nr CAT:

    Scale: 20 [kg]


Mineralizer is a laboratory instrument designed to perform very many types of analysis. With the help of the analyzer, you can perform water analysis, sewage analysis, soil analysis, waste analysis, as well as perform food analysis. The most common mineralizers on the market allow you to perform the process of mineralization of several samples simultaneously, the mineralizers offered by our company allow you to analyze as many as nine samples simultaneously. Mineralizers are used to perform analysis of total nitrogen by the Kiejdal method, organic phosphorus, as well as in determining the concentrations of a wide range of metals even in different samples simultaneously. The digestion process and the measurement itself is carried out in a short time thanks to the use of modern technology. The temperature is controlled through an electronically controlled microprocessor over a wide range, which allows the determination of numerous organic compounds. In addition, the accurate microprocessor temperature control system ensures high stability of the programmed temperature. The controller can be managed by means of an LCD display, which shows the current and set temperature. The display additionally indicates the operation of the heater (or heaters) and informs about the failure of the temperature sensor or other errors of the device.When performing mineralization of water and wastewater samples, a maximum of 100 ml of sample is subjected to the process. In the case of mineralization of solid samples, a certain known amount of sample must be weighed in advance. In the case of sample mineralization for the determination of COD (detection of the content of organic compounds in wastewater and soil), tubes equipped with special coolers are additionally used. The sample is placed in a digestion vessel, in which a boiling rod is placed and the necessary reagents are added. During the first stage of the mineralization process, the temperature set on the controller should be 100 degrees Celsius. It is absolutely necessary to remember to put a fume hood on the prepared tubes and to turn off the water supply to the pump. When the temperature of the system reaches 100 degrees Celsius, the proper mineralization temperature for the process is set. When the mineralization is complete, the heating is turned off and the water supply to the pump is turned off. The study of a substance in a sample requires a different analytical method, which should be used by the laboratory technician. The housing of the mineralizer is made of chemical-resistant steel, easily washable. The device is made in accordance with European standards and is CE certified.