Laboratory mills

  • Laboratory Mill PX-MFC 90 D

    Laboratory Mill PX-MFC 90 D

    Producer: Kinematica AG

    Nr CAT:

    Speed ​​[rpm]: 50 - 6 000

  • Laboratory mills IKA

    Laboratory mills IKA

    Producer: IKA

    Nr CAT:

    Power: 500 W, n/d, 225 W, 240 W, 100 W, 80 W, 800 W


Laboratory mills are equipment that will enable grinding of all organic as well as inorganic solids. The process is designed to prepare samples for analysis performed in a variety of laboratories, such as those involved in food testing. There are many models of laboratory mills on the market that allow grinding many types of solids. Today's laboratory mills provide grinding of hard, brittle, soft and fibrous substances. In addition, some models allow the possibility of direct crushing in the chamber designed for grinding (this facilitates the processing of substances having the character of hard, oily and wet bodies), which significantly reduces the time required for the substance to undergo appropriate processing. The design of the laboratory mills offered by our company has been adapted to prevent contamination of the ground samples. The capacity of these devices varies, it can range from 50 ml to even 2000 ml, the volume of the grinding chamber of the chosen equipment depends on the requirements of the user. The mills we offer can be equipped with an additional safety system. In a situation where the lid of the grinder is not closed or does not perfectly adhere to the lower part, the device will not start. In such a situation, an error message appears about the error occurring in the system. While the laboratory mill is on and grinding the sample, the chambers of the device lock automatically and cannot be opened. The function of locking the opening of the mill's lid is to prevent accidents during operation of the device, since it is very easy to put fingers into the chamber in which there are rotating very sharp knives. Laboratory mills have independent cooling of chambers in their design (cooling with water, dry ice or liquid nitrogen) to prevent overheating of the sample. In the event that the sample overheats, the sample may be destroyed, melted or simply the mill may overheat and the motor may burn out. The laboratory mills we offer are characterized by very quiet operation. These devices have safety features that protect them not only from overheating but also from overcharging. In our offer we have laboratory mills that can grind samples that have a hardness of up to 6 according to the Mohs scale. It is possible to connect a vessel or pipe to the chamber outlet, allowing the grinded materials to be captured. In the standard offer we have mills that allow grinding up to 4kg of batch, larger capacities are available on request. We invite you to submit inquiries to our company, our customer advisors will be happy to provide substantive answers and select equipment tailored to your needs.