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    Basic gas burnersBasic spirit gas burners Fuego Gasprofi Powerjet Teclu Bunsen Meker Fisher Jumbo Schuett Phoenix propane-butane with tilting...

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    Professional gas burners are designed to work in laminar chambers, for sterilization processes and for roasting. Flame sterilization is easy...

Professional gas burners are designed for use in laboratories, in laminar chambers, for sterilization processes and for roasting. Flame sterilization is easy and simple with a function button or foot pedal. The ergonomic shape of the burners reduces air turbulence in laminar cabinets and improves cleaning. In addition, some models are equipped with an IR infrared sensor or touch button for easy control. In case of difficult access to energy, we also have models adapted for wireless operation. Professional gas burners are adapted for the use of propane, butane, as well as natural gas.Gas burners from our offer are available in a wide range of prices, and their sophistication is due to the number of additional elements and functionalities they feature. Basic gas burners are typical burners, to which the gas supply from the cylinder is connected via a hose. Such burners have a safety device and adjustable gas supply. Professional burners additionally have a digital graphic display, which can also have animated elements, has an acoustic signal to inform about the end of work and the occurrence of any irregularities. The display can also be used to set the time and temperature required to adequately heat the sample being processed. Such burners have a system for regulating the temperature of the flame in the range of +35°C to 350°C, a reminder of the cooling time of the device when the work takes too long and can lead to overloading the burner. In addition, accounts of several users can be stored in the device's memory. Professional burners have a gas consumption indicator, a non-contact infrared sensor and can be powered by natural gas or propane-butane gas. The timer, which operates from 1s to 2h, allows you to set the burner operation time in a precise way. The devices can have an automatic shutdown system after 4 hours of inactivity. The small size and weight allow the burner to be moved freely to any place in the laboratory. Some of the professional burners have the ability to achieve a Flame Temperature of up to 1350°C. The safety control system will protect the user from burns, after using the burner for a long time, signaling a still hot head, and in addition, the gas ignition is cut off, protecting the device from overheating, clogging the head. The burner's automatic gas cut-off function prevents unintentional ignition when the burner has not been used for a long time. Some of the burners can be successfully used in laminar chambers and sterilization rooms. A special system additionally provides safety against unintentional ignition, its operation is based on the necessity of double activation of the infrared sensor for a flame to appear. Advanced burners can have as many as three ways of control: with a button, with a foot control, when the flame appears when the button is pressed, and continuous operation activated by a foot control. Burners can have ezy handles to facilitate daily operation. For thorough cleaning, the device can be disassembled, and with the help of a special mechanism, the burner can be mounted on the countertop at an angle to the right or left. Simple models of burners with a connected cylinder and the ability to be held in the hand are also in our offer. Please contact our sales consultants, who will professionally suggest a particular burner that will not only meet all your needs, but also be optimal and financially economical.