Placing an order

In response to the inquiry sent to us, you will receive a commercial offer.

Information contained in the offer:

  • date
  • first and last name of the person preparing the offer
  • offer number
  • list of available products with models
  • net and gross price
  • payment term
  • order execution time
  • offer validity period



  • If the offer you receive meets your expectations, you confirm your desire to place an order by email or phone.

  • In response, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance of the order for processing, along with a summary order form.

  • If we do not receive any comments from you within 24 hours, we consider the form to be in accordance with your instruction. From this moment, the course of order processing begins.




  • The commercial offer you receive in response to your inquiry is valid for 14 days from the date of its preparation.

  • If you decide to place an order after the offer expires, you should first contact our advisor for an update.

  • If, for objective reasons, you need a longer offer period (e.g. 30 days), please contact our consultant for individual terms.