Laboratory refrigerators-freezers

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    Compact laboratory fridge-freezers are an ideal choice for laboratories with a small area. The combination of a fridge and a freezer is a device...

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    Single laboratory refrigerator-freezers are the perfect combination of refrigerator and freezer for laboratories with a little more space. The...

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    Portable laboratory fridge-freezers are a combination of the advantages of fridges and freezers in one device, and additionally provide the possibility...


Laboratory fridge-freezers are an excellent combination of a fridge and a freezer in the laboratory and an alternative to buying two different devices, i.e., a fridge and a freezer. Devices that have an ATEX certificate ensure safe storage of temperature-sensitive substances, explosive and flammable materials. The models offered by our company are equipped with an external display of parameters, a high and too low temperature alarm, and an open door alarm. Standard equipment of the devices are wheels, which facilitate movement, while additionally ensuring proper leveling of the device. An additional advantage of laboratory fridge-freezers may be an antibacterial handle, which reduces the risk of contamination, and a built-in lock allowing the door to be locked with a key. The operating temperature range of laboratory fridge-freezers oscillates between +2°C and -25°C. In our offer, you will find small, compact under-counter devices with a capacity of only about 120 liters (13 liters of freezer capacity and 106 liters of fridge capacity), as well as devices with two independent doors and a capacity of up to 1500 liters. Fridge-freezers can be powder coated or made of stainless steel, they can have full doors or glass doors. Depending on the requirements of a given laboratory, cooling devices can be additionally equipped with an independent calibrated min / max thermometer or another recorder. Recorders can have a connection to the central network and continuously send data about the conditions inside the chambers. Some of the thermometers / recorders may have the ability to send text messages to programmed numbers about the device’s operating status. Our company also offers to perform mapping of the device chamber. Checking the temperature distribution inside the device is necessary to prove (e.g., in clinical trials) how the declared temperature is distributed inside the chamber. Each device operates with a certain accuracy and stability, the better these parameters are, the more expensive the device is, because its compressors and other construction elements are more accurate and precise. Checking the temperature distribution inside the chamber is intended to prove using calibrated probes what temperature actually prevails, for example, in the upper right corner of the chamber, and what in the lower left. Our company has professional fridge-freezers in its offer, for which stability and accuracy are as high as possible, additionally, the service of testing the temperature distribution inside the devices puts us in the position of a reliable and reliable partner.