Laboratory meters

  • pH portable meters

    pH portable meters

    The pH meters are laboratory devices very widely used in everyday work, in any laboratory. pH meters make it possible to measure the activity...

  • pH meters, stationary meters

    pH meters, stationary meters

    The pH meter, stationary meter is characterized primarily by very high reading accuracy and robust design. It is used for precise and simple...

  • Sensors and electrodes

    Sensors and electrodes

    Measurement of pH is one of the basic activities that the lab technician performs in the laboratory.pH is the so-called quantitative scale of...

  • Buffers and solutions

    Buffers and solutions

    A pH buffer is a solution whose pH does not change when small amounts of strong acids or bases are added, or when it is diluted with water. It...

  • Turbidimeters


    Turbidity meters or nephelometers are devices that use one of the most effective spectrophotometric methods available in analytical chemistry....

  • Conductivity meters

    Conductivity meters

    A conductivity meter is a measuring instrument used to measure conductivity, or conductance. Some models also allow measurement of temperature,...

  • Water activity meters

    Water activity meters

    Water activity testing systems are particularly used in industries such as food, paper, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Interest in water activity...

  •  Temperature and humidity meters

    Temperature and humidity meters

    Humidity and temperature meters enable very precise measurements both in laboratory conditions and in field work. They are equipped with a variety...

  • Multi-parameter meters

    Multi-parameter meters

    Multi-parameter meters are devices that offer high measurement accuracy and work flexibility in a compact size. These devices have a common probe...

  • Oxygen meters

    Oxygen meters

    An oxygen meter is used to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater in percent saturation or milligrams per liter....

  • Anemometers and thermoanemometers

    Anemometers and thermoanemometers

    Anemometers are used to measure air velocity, volume flow and temperature. Measurements can be made both in open spaces and in air conditioning...


Laboratory meters are mainly characterized by very high accuracy of measurements. The devices have a protective housing, are equipped with a large digital display that allows all parameters to be displayed simultaneously and a low battery indicator, as well as a common probe for pH, conductivity and TDS measurements. The weight of the laboratory meters is extremely low. They allow two-point calibration and automatic temperature compensation. We offer two types of meters: stationary and portable multi-parameter meters, with which you can make measurements where taking samples to the laboratory is impossible. Their rugged design will allow you to use them in any conditions.