Torque measuring devices

  • Starvisc 200-2.5 Control

    Starvisc 200-2.5 Control

    Producer: IKA

    Nr CAT:

    Dimensions: 91 x 395 x 231 mm

  • Testo 460 optical speed meter

    Testo 460 optical speed meter

    Producer: testo

    Nr CAT:

    Measurement range: 100 to 29999 U/min

    Other: available units: rpm, rps


Torque measurement is possible thanks to the very advanced technology of the mixer we offer from IKA. The results can be read in real time even during operation and development of a new product, which makes it possible to determine already at the stage of preparing a new formulation whether it will be able to be implemented as originally intended. The device we offer has a very wide range of applications. The Starvisc device very precisely measures during the production process without the need for additional sampling. The device has the ability to measure a number of parameters: torque, viscosity, temperature. It is very accurate, the deviations of the measured values are small. The device we offer is very powerful and efficient, even very viscous substances (with viscosity reaching 100,000 mPas) can be mixed with its help. If the mixed medium is water, the device will cope with the work even in the volume of 100 liters. The device provides a wide range of speeds - from 6 to 2,000 rpm, which can be continuously adjusted with an accuracy of up to 1 rpm. In the case of work with substances where it is important to constantly measure the temperature of the mixed content, the device, in addition to its "own" temperature measurement in the range -10 - +350 °C, has the ability to plug in a PT1000 probe, so that the temperature measurement will be accurate and reliable in real time. The torque-measuring agitator we offer is a very advanced device. Torque can be measured with a deviation of only ±2.5 Ncm. The agitator can be programmed with an on and off option, and can transmit the measured data over considerable distances wirelessly (up to 150 m if there are no obstacles). The device is made of very lightweight yet durable material, is lightweight and handy. All these features make the offered mixer with torque measurement capability an insanely useful device. Stirrers with torque measuring capability are very versatile laboratory tools that can perform a great many types of measurements for you, it is only up to you which one will be used at which stage of production and measurement. We invite you to contact our company, where qualified customer advisors will help you choose the most optimal device for you, our service technicians will install and train you in the use and application of the selected model.