• Containers for hazardous waste

    Containers for hazardous waste

    Containers for dangerous waste are used for storing and transport of dangerous fluids. Containers can be freely translocated  by pallet truck,...

  • Containers for solid waste

    Containers for solid waste

    Containers for solid waste are used for a large scale to store and transport used batteries, areosol cans, as well as paste-like substances and...

  • Warehouse equipment

    Warehouse equipment

    Warehouse equipment is a place to store or fill, which can be placed inside rooms/buildings, as well as outdoors. Warehouse containers are an...

  • Fireproof containers

    Fireproof containers

    Fireproof containers are used for storing flammable fluids F/F+ grade for oxidants or poisonous substances. These container are perfect for storing...

  • System containers

    System containers

    System containers enable invaluable storing system of dangerous for environmet materials, such as flammable liquids; poisonous, toxic, corrosive...


Fireproof containers are widely used in places, where is a need to store flammable substances. Containers are placed in front of buildings or in production and warehouse halls. Fireproof containers are used for storage of F/F+ range fluids, oxidants and poisonous substances. Containers offered by our company will find a perfect use inside building as well as outdoors. Specjalized, veryfied and certified safty system causes, that fireproof containers have full security of the stored (internal) content, as well as its surroundings in time of 90 minutes. Additionally, it is possible to select accesories matching specific model, such as highly specjalized extinguish system, fire alarm (acoustic and visible version), explosion-proof internal lights, switches and ex version electrical sockets, shelves, explosion-proof air conditioning, gas detectors (configurated depending on stored material) and extraction systems. Containers could be equipped with shelves made according to user's needs and place for palletes. Make sure you contact our workers before configurating container, because they will advice, help and offer container compatible with your needs, customized to fit installatation location, stored material, as well as your budget. Fireproof containers consists self-closing ventilators for air drawn in and out. Doors are equipped with smoke detectors and magnetic handles. Containers can also be available in mobile version, which addicionally increases their posibilities of use and change of location. Fireproof containers have large degree of termic isolation. Containers offered by our company are light and easy to montage. Some models have a stucture providing clearence under the container, which makes it easier to transport it to another localisation. Containers are equipped with retention tanks, which can accomodate different types of cartridges. They are usually made of reinfoced sheet metal and provide maximum safty in case of leak of the stored material. We invite you to contact our qualified slaes advisor, who will offer you the most optimal solution.