System containers

  • System containers CEN

    System containers CEN

    Producer: SIPOREX

    Nr CAT:

    Capacity: 555 l, 1130 l, 1170 l, 1120 l, 1340 l, 1600 l

    Dimensions: 2910x1500x3070 mm, 2900x1550x3540 mm, 3600x1550x3500 mm, 5700x 1550 x 3070 mm, 5700x 1550x 3400 mm, 7000x1550x3400 mm


System containers enable invaluable storing system of dangerous for environmet materials, such as flammable liquids; poisonous, toxic, corrosive and other types of environment polluting substances. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In case of a passage blockage by roof elements, can serve as a warehouse. Storing systems are usually consist of zinc, steel plate, wood and steel profiles. They can include ventilation holes, locked door or an electric fan. They are explosionproof, their costruction is decent and enables to instantly locate any leak. Containers are available in different dimentions.