Laboratory thermometers

  • Digital thermometers

    Digital thermometers

    The digital thermometer works on the principle of temperature influence on the electrical properties of the materials used to build the sensors....

  • Thermohygrometers


    Thermohygrometer is a portable instrument for measuring temperature and relative humidity in rooms such as warehouses, cold stores, refrigerators,...

  • Glass thermometers

    Glass thermometers

    A glass thermometer otherwise known as a liquid thermometer is a device that allows the measurement of temperature by measuring the density of...

  • Infrared thermometers

    Infrared thermometers

    Infrared thermometers offered by our company are equipped with a reliable laser sight. The sound alarm can inform about the end of measurement...


A laboratory thermometer is a piece of equipment that allows rapid temperature measurement. It has been continuously used in every laboratory for years, as it is a mandatory piece of equipment. Due to the fact that technological development is moving very forward, the form and precision of laboratory thermometers are constantly changing, while its role remains the same. The measurement range can be from -100°C and even up to 1200°C. The wide range allows you to measure any chemical reactions taking place or gives you the opportunity to create the right temperature conditions. Given that thermometers work in very harsh conditions, they must be made of plastic with high mechanical strength, be airtight and resistant to water, dust as well as dirt. In laboratories we can meet thermometers such as digital, thermohygrometers, glass thermometers and infrared thermometers. The most common thermometer used during various experiments is the glass thermometer. Such laboratory thermometers are made of special glass KS 90 or its modification KS 80. This form allows to meet the requirements that apply to the measurement range up to +400 ° C. Other types of thermometers for the laboratory can have a modern film keypad. This film is designed to protect the device from the ingress of various dusts. Many models of thermometers have a compact design that allows them to be used in very narrow vessels. In addition, these devices are equipped with an automatic calibration function. The principle of operation of a digital thermometer is based on the effect of temperature on the electrical properties of the materials used to build the sensors. A very big advantage of accurate electronic thermometers is the short waiting time for the result of measurements. The battery lasts up to a year of use. Some available models may have an automatic calibration function. Digital thermometers are rugged and unbreakable like glass thermometers, which is beneficial for safety of use. Most thermometers are equipped with a stainless steel probe and a cable of various lengths. Thanks to their compact and rugged design, the thermometers we offer can be used even in very narrow vessels and in a wide range of applications. Thermohygrometers are portable instruments for measuring temperature and relative humidity simultaneously. They can be used in various types of chambers and rooms. Infrared thermometers are equipped with a reliable laser sight (single or two-point). Such thermometers have extensive alarm capabilities. Digital devices have result memory, LCD or LED displays. The price range of thermometers is very wide, the simplest glass thermometers are an expense of several / tens of zlotys, while advanced infrared thermometers can cost up to several thousand zlotys. If you purchase a thermometer from our company, we will take care of the full service of the purchased device for you - we will make sure that the delivered thermometer has a calibration certificate from a PCA accredited laboratory or a laboratory that does not have such accreditation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.