Laboratory refrigerators

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    Compact laboratory refrigerators allow safe storage of temperature-sensitive products while taking up little space. The most common are under-counter...

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    Single laboratory refrigerators facilitate safe storage of products sensitive to temperature fluctuations while taking up little space. They...

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    Double laboratory refrigerators allow safe storage of temperature-sensitive products. They are characterized by large capacity, which allows...

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    Control panel xPRO and standard

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The laboratory refrigerator is used for safe storage of temperature-sensitive substances, explosives (ATEX lab refrigerators) and flammable materials. The offered laboratory refrigerators are equipped with numerous features for optimal storage of sensitive samples, chemicals and materials for research purposes. Most of the laboratory refrigerators we offer have a built-in fan for increased temperature uniformity inside the refrigerator. This allows us to ensure that the air inside the refrigerator is constantly subjected to movement, which in turn enforces its temperature uniformity. A high-precision electronic module enables extremely accurate temperature control, which reacts in real time to changes in ambient temperature and other conditions. The coolers are equipped with effective thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam (PUR) and a dynamic cooling system is built into them to ensure optimum storage conditions for the material. The interior of the coolers we offer can be made of high-grade steel ( ANSI) or abrasion-resistant plastic. The plastic provides us with a lower probability of frosting in the interior while the steel interior is more resistant to possible impacts or dents during the use of the coolers. There are laboratory refrigerators and refrigeration cabinets with solid or glazed doors. Glazed doors provide an easy view of the material that is stored in the refrigerator. Full doors, on the other hand, are used where it is necessary to store material sensitive to light and UV radiation. If you want to store the material in more stable conditions you should choose a solid door. We offer between series of devices offered by different manufacturers, so as to optimally match the device to the needs of our customers. Many of the devices we offer have as standard the ability to record on an external carrier the temperature data in the device chamber, which ensures its compliance with SANPID requirements, and also provides evidence of what temperature conditions prevailed in the device during, for example, a power failure and how the device then returned to standard operating conditions, i.e. the set temperature. When the stored material is very sensitive to changes in temperature conditions this is extremely important. In case of failure, it is important to use a GSM system that monitors the state of the device's parameters, such as the temperature inside the device and its fluctuations from the set temperature range, and in case of failure to inform the user about the problem. Such information can be sent by e-mail or to a cell phone in the form of an SMS text message. Equipping refrigerators with GSM devices is becoming a standard, which is extremely important in controlling the storage of materials requiring constant temperature conditions.