Heating equipment

Heating equipment is a section devoted to products that allow you to maintain properly set, even high temperatures inside the chamber.

One of the most important parameters of the operation of heating equipment is the ability to maintain the set temperature by continuous i.e. permanent control of the operating parameters of the device. At the same time, the change in the operating temperature of the device and even its small fluctuations can affect the work with the tested materials. The point in working with these devices is that the changes should be as small as possible and the fluctuation process should be as small as possible. In the case of devices such as laboratory heaters or laboratory dryers, the processes of heating the devices are carried out using, for example, fans inside the chamber of the devices. This provides us with better temperature distribution inside the device and improves the temperature uniformity processes within the device. Otherwise, for example, when using convection heating processes, these processes are disrupted and then we have to deal with temperature inhomogeneities. This, in turn, causes the temperature distribution in the chamber to vary by several degrees within the device. So when we measure the temperature in the chamber of the device, it may turn out that the difference is a few degrees Celsius. Extremely important in the case of heating devices are the controllers used in the device.

Most devices today have PID controllers (proportional-integral-differential controller, which is a controller used in control systems consisting of three members: proportional, integral and differential). It is a modern controller for controlling temperature processes in thermostatic devices. In this case, it is up to the reputable manufacturer to set it up properly, i.e. to parameterize it in order to optimize and control the set temperature in the device. In combination with the currently most commonly used LED or LCD (touchscreen) display, the laboratory technician has the possibility of direct observation of the parameters he has set for the heating device, i.e. for example: a thermostat or laboratory dryer. The temperature display also shows how the temperature is inside the chamber of the device and we have the possibility to control the operation of the device in real time. It often happens that other media, such as gases, are connected to such devices. Then, when the tested material requires incubation in a gas atmosphere, the gas is fed into the chamber in the appropriate monitored concentration, which is constantly controlled, and its readings can be modified at any time.

The heating devices are used in chemical and industrial plants, scientific research facilities, pharmacies and medical institutions such as hospitals. The processes in the equipment are used for testing chemical materials, incubating samples, studying plant growth processes, or studying the aging of materials through constant controlled temperature conditions. Our product range includes not only basic apparatus for controlling these processes, but also more specialized heating equipment used in laboratory work. Often, we make modifications and alterations to the equipment at the customer's request so that the equipment can be tailored to the customer's current needs and meet his requirements in laboratory work.