Pharmaceutical refrigerators

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  • Compact up to 160 liters

    Compact up to 160 liters

    Compact pharmaceutical refrigerators from Labcold, Lec Medical, Liebherr. Compact pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed for safe storage...

  • Single up to 600 liters

    Single up to 600 liters

    Labcold Lec Medical Aged Single Pharmaceutical Refrigerators Compact pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed for the safe storage of pharmaceuticals....

  • Double to 1400 liters

    Double to 1400 liters

    Double pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed with the latest technology to store drugs and pharmaceuticals in complete safety. They have...


Pharmaceutical refrigerators offered by our company will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Their primary purpose is to ensure safe storage of preparations at the right temperature until vaccination, which are vaccines or drugs administered to patients. In the offer of our company you will find professional medical refrigerators of high quality ideally suited for pharmacy and as refrigerators for vaccines in clinics and hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical wholesalers. Refrigerators for medicines which are offered by us are characterized by different capacities adapted to the individual needs of our customers, so as to optimally use the chamber capacity offered by our devices. In our offer you will find medical refrigerators in capacities ranging from 36 liters even up to 500 liters for vaccination centers or pharmaceutical wholesalers that store large quantities of vaccines. However, the most popular are the often sought after small 36-liter units, which can even be hung on the wall, so that the vaccine refrigerator does not take up much space in vaccination centers. This is important, especially for small laboratories and clinics, especially where there is not enough space for more medical refrigerators, and there are restrictive conditions for storing vaccines, reagents, samples, etc. We offer compact, single and double medical refrigerators. Each of the medical refrigerators we offer is equipped with an easy-to-read temperature display that provides information on the parameters of the device, as well as alarm conditions. Most of the devices we offer have potential-free contacts that allow the devices to be connected to external device monitoring systems. Some of our pharmaceutical refrigerators have the ability to record on an external medium temperature data directly from the device chamber, which ensures its compliance with the requirements for documentation of data from cooling, for example: vaccines. Then the user has the assurance that his device worked all the time with the set temperature and the stored material was all the time at the set temperature. Often our pharmaceutical refrigerators are equipped with a monitoring system using a GSM module, which in turn is supposed to inform the user about changes in the operating parameters of the vaccine refrigerator during the operation of the device. In the event of a change in temperature or a power outage, the user receives an SMS message of alarm conditions from the device and is then informed that the device requires his intervention. Proper storage of vaccines at the set temperature is very important to preserve their biological activity before administration to the patient. A refrigerator for vaccines must be on the equipment of every vaccination center, and not such an ordinary household refrigerator available in household appliance stores, where the temperature amplitude in the chamber of the device during its operation is too high, so that the stored drug can be destroyed, and when it is a material such as vaccines, it should be a specialized pharmaceutical refrigerator, with appropriate protection, i.e. a mandatory alarm system in case of changes in the operating parameters of the refrigerator ( power failure, increase in temperature in the chamber) and provide control of any alarm conditions. Such equipment also ensures greater stability of temperature and its uniformity inside the chamber in which biological material such as vaccines is stored.