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    Mechanical stirrers IKA

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    Mechanical stirrers CAT

    CAT mechanical stirrers are laboratory devices used for rheometric tests. The advantage of these mixers is the use of a high-power microprocessor,...

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    Tips for CAT mechanical stirrers

    CAT mechanical stirrer tips are indispensable items properly adapted to all solution mixing needs in any laboratory, whether professional or...

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    Mechanical stirrers Achiever

    Achiever mechanical mixers, reliable and extremely spend, are designed for daily use. The brushless motor and torque compensation technology...


The mechanical stirrer finds a special place in laboratory equipment. It is a device that consists of an electric motor that drives a glass or metal rod terminated with special blades. Depending on the type of liquid to be mixed, the paddles can have different shapes and slopes. In our offer we have mixers with different number of blades, the most common are mixers with three or four blades. Mechanical stirrers are quite often used equipment in the laboratory, their primary task is to mix solutions of different volumes, but also densities. The construction of a mechanical laboratory mixer consists of a motor, rods and blades. The most difficult part to make is the rod, because its design must be mechanically resistant, but it should also show resistance to a variety of chemicals as well as high temperatures, when the medium being mixed may need to be heated. In more modern models of mechanical mixers, it can be seen that there are flexible intermediate elements, i.e. cushioning elements, between the motor and the rod. This allows easier assembly of the entire apparatus and protects the rod from possible breakage. Laboratory mechanical stirrers can be equipped with very precise speed control. Each mechanical stirrer is equipped with a protective interlock, thus ensuring a very high standard of safety. The safety systems present in them make it possible to detect any abnormalities and protect the device from high temperature and overloading. The mechanical mixers offered by our company are characterized by a very robust and ergonomic design, and usually have a digital display. The drive with the function of maintaining constant output power allows stable and undisturbed operation with the device.Some of the devices are very powerful and can be used to mix very viscous substances (with viscosity up to 100 000 mPa), or significant volumes of substances characterized by lower viscosity. We offer mixers that allow mixing up to 200 liters of water. The speed range of the mixers is adjustable and usually ranges from a few to even a few thousand rmp. The offered mechanical mixers from the German company CAT use a powerful microprocessor, which ensures high accuracy with maximum torque. These devices have a display that indicates all data (power input, power output, rpm) as well as speed and time since operation. In CAT mechanical mixers it is possible to program the RPM, minimum and maximum speed of the motor, innovative technology allows full control and documentation of arameters and recording in computer memory, or on external media or peripheral devices. CAT LabControl for Windows® software allows full control and documentation of parameters - up to 254 processes. The program can be operated by a computer that meets the minimum requirements - free operating memory - min 4MB RAM and software of at least Windows 95. Achiever brand mechanical stirrers are reliable and extremely spend, designed for everyday use. The motor in these mixers is brushless. Torque compensation technology ensures high efficiency and constant mixing speed, allowing viscous liquids to be mixed accurately and in a controlled manner without excessive noise. Five models with torque up to 200 Ncm and capacities up to 100 l are available. The setting accuracy of the mixers we offer is up to 1 rpm, and the maximum torque is from 20 Ncm to 200 Ncm. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of mechanical mixers.