Laboratory shakers

  • Orbital shakers

    Orbital shakers

    Orbital shakers are devices used for rapid mixing of small volumes of liquids. This device uses an orbital motion with a mass load of 2.5 or...

  • Rocking shakers

    Rocking shakers

    The rocker shakers allow gentle 3D shaking at a fixed angle. Thanks to the design of the LCD display, it is possible to precisely adjust and...

  • Vortex shakers

    Vortex shakers

    Vortex shakers are so-called table-top shaking machines. They are adapted for hours of operation. The shaker is started by pressing the shaking...

  • Roller shakers

    Roller shakers

    Roller shakers are devices that allow samples to be gently rocked. Roller shakers are ideal for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and...

  • Shakers with reciprocating motion

    Shakers with reciprocating motion

  • Rotary shakers

    Rotary shakers

  • Swing shakers

    Swing shakers


Laboratory shaker is a compact and versatile device that allows you to accelerate mixing processes, precipitate substances and create suspensions at an affordable price . These devices are designed for routine laboratory work. The shakers are equipped with a timer that allows programming of the shaking time. Continuous operation of the device is also possible. Depending on your needs, we offer you orbital, cradle, laboratory Vortex and roller shakers. Some models can be switched on "automatically" by pressing the dish against the cap or by an infrared sensor detecting the dish on it.