• Biology microscopes

    Biology microscopes

    Biological microscopes are modern devices commonly used in research, veterinary medicine, bacteriology, immunology, pharmacy and other scientific...

  • Stereoscopic microscopes

    Stereoscopic microscopes

    Stereoscopic microscopes are professional devices used for stereoscopic observations. These devices allow microscope magnifications of up to...


Microscopes make it possible to observe small and very small objects that are usually not visible to the naked eye, and also allow you to see details that are visible to the unaided eye. We offer a wide range of microscopes from various companies, including biological microscopes and stereoscopic microscopes, among others. These microscopes are characterized by a wide field of view providing up to 22 mm of eyepiece, which in turn allows observation in an undisturbed manner. The microscopes are used for demanding analysis in clinical and research laboratories. They are also used to observe biological and medical preparations. Microscopes are available in versions with halogen and LED type lighting. Biological microscopes are widely used in research, veterinary medicine, bacteriology, immunology, pharmacy and other scientific fields. We offer biological microscopes with semi-planachromatic and planachromatic lenses and binocular and trinocular heads. The models we offer have the ability to upgrade the biological microscope with dark field, phase contrast, polarization and fluorescence. The magnification range of the microscope varies between 40x and 1000x.Biological microscopes are usually equipped with an Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 and may have dioptric adjustment in the tube. Biological microscopes can be available in two versions of illumination: halogen or using LED lighting via LED. The use of LED illumination produces a cold white light that does not cause the microscope to heat up, which is especially important when conducting long uninterrupted observations. Stereoscopic microscopes, on the other hand, are used for stereoscopic observations, and allow magnifications of up to tens of times. These microscopes use a binocular head, and some models are additionally equipped with a photographic adapter. It is mainly used for observation by botanists, biologists, entomologists, paleontologists archaeologists and are also used in production laboratories. Stereoscopic microscopes have LED illumination that regulates the brightness of the lower and upper illuminators for comfortable work. Many models of stereoscopic microscopes have optional retrofits, such as a tilting adjustable binocular cap, a photographic adapter for two tubes, additional eyepieces and lenses, a coaxial illuminator, fluorescence kits, dark field kits, simple polarization kits, or various types of tables and tripods. We also offer special tables for working with microscopes, so that prolonged work is not tiring for you. We invite you to contact our qualified advisors, who will help you choose the right microscope for your needs, as well as suggest models to test so as to find the item suitable for your research needs.