Laboratory dishwashers

  • Salvislab laboratory dishwashers

    Salvislab laboratory dishwashers

    Laboratory dishwashers are designed to wash specialty and laboratory glassware using both hot and cold water. The detergents are ideal for removing...

  • Baskets and cartridges for laboratory dishwashers

    Baskets and cartridges for laboratory dishwashers

    Dishwasher baskets and cartridges are essential elements for the free and ergonomic use of laboratory dishwashers. We offer a wide range of accessories...

  • Detergents for laboratory dishwashers

    Detergents for laboratory dishwashers

    Dishwasher detergents are designed for washing laboratory glassware in dishwashers using both hot and cold water. The detergents are ideal for...


Laboratory dishwasher is a specialized device necessary in every laboratory. Designed and developed for washing and disinfecting laboratory glassware. It prepares dishes even for the most demanding applications. The device works quietly and does not disturb the work. In addition, it streamlines it and increases efficiency, as well as provides water savings. Laboratory dishwashers have up to 40 programs. You will adjust them to your needs and types of glassware. They also have a drying system. Thanks to a panel with a display and buttons, you will program the device quickly and conveniently. The dishwasher also has a powder detergent dispenser, a regeneration salt dispenser and liquid detergent dispensing pumps. It is also equipped with dishwasher baskets and basket inserts to further enhance cleaning efficiency.