Digital burette

  • Contiburette series digital burettes

    Contiburette series digital burettes

    Producer: CAT

    Nr CAT:

    Capacity: 1µl to 50 ml, 10µl to 500 ml, 20µl to 1000 ml

    Accuracy: +/- 0,2 %, +/- 0,2%

  • Continuous Series Digital Burettes

    Continuous Series Digital Burettes

    Producer: VITLAB

    Nr CAT:

    Capacity: 2,5 ml

    Accuracy: 0,2 %

  • TITRETTE digital burette

    TITRETTE digital burette

    Producer: BRAND

    Nr CAT:

    Capacity: 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml

    Accuracy: 10 µl, 18 µl, 30 µl

  • TITREX digital burette

    TITREX digital burette

    Producer: WITEG

    Nr CAT:

    Capacity: 0-50 ml

    Accuracy: 10 µl


Digital burettes are devices used for rapid dispensing of liquids in small volumes. Thanks to the technologies used, the dead zone and the tendency for liquids to leak or flow out are minimized. The head of the digital burette is easy to disassemble and clean. The wetted parts are made of Al2O3 and Teflon, which provides high resistance to chemicals. These devices are insensitive to most acids and alkalis. Some of the models we have available have a function for storing readings, which can be transferred to computer memory and read using software designed for this purpose.