Continuous Series Digital Burettes

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Dosing without pulsation, continuous and fast
Automatic burette filling
Clear and accurate display

Patented dual-piston pump technology ensures high precision, smooth and safe operation of Continuous burettes. The design with a deep center of gravity reduces the risk of tipping.

The liquid return metering system ensures less reagent loss and reduces the risk of splashing.

An added advantage is that the burettes automatically refill during titration. The display and controllers are ergonomic and easy to use. Error limits comply with DIN EN ISO 8655-3.

Application range for titration media up to a concentration of max. 2 mol/L.

Technical data:

  • The burette can be rotated 360° on the bottle
  • Telescopic pouring tube from 140 to 220 mm long
  • Telescopic suction tube from 200 to 350 mm long
  • Adapters for drying tube and PP filter (GL 23, GL 38, S 40)
  • Certificate of conformity according to DIN 12600
  • Accuracy <± 0.2%, coefficient of variance <± 0.1%
  • Powered by 1.5V batteries
  • Dispensing range from 0.010 ml to 999.9 ml
Model Capacity Accuracy
E 2,5 ml 0,2 %
RS 5 ml 0,2 %