Contiburette series digital burettes

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  • Possibility of electronic calibration
  • Electronic measurement system
  • No glass piston, valves
  • Minimum dead volume
  • Self-bleeding
  • All wetted parts are made of alumina (99.7% Al2O3), ETFE and FEP
  • Freely rotatable on the bottle
Thanks to the valveless design, dead volume is minimized and repeatability is increased. They are suitable for use with all common laboratory cylinders, and their integrated calibration function makes it possible to compensate for accuracy deviation when using liquids with densities significantly different from water. Motorized models provide pre-set volume and dispensing speed, so they can also be used as a dispenser.
Model Capacity Accuracy
Contiburette µ 1D Cat. no.: 62730-0000 1µl to 50 ml +/- 0,2 %
Contiburette µ 10D Cat. no.: 62732-0000 10µl to 500 ml +/- 0,2%
Contiburette µ 20D Cat. no.: 62734-0000 20µl to 1000 ml +/- 0,2%
Contiburette µ 10H Cat. no.: 62723-0000 10µl to 500 ml +/- 0,2%
Contiburette µ 20H Cat. no.: 62724-0000 20µl to 1000 ml +/- 0,2%