TITRETTE digital burette

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  • High precision
  • Ability to adjust the spout vertically or horizontally
  • Lightweight and stable device
  • Tool-free calibration

Bottle-attachable burette ideal for fast and reliable titration.

High precision enables operation within the error limits of AS class according to DIN EN ISO 385. The precise and easy-to-use mechanism enables drop-by-drop titration. It is possible to adjust the spout vertically or horizontally, which facilitates a variety of device settings and applications.

The compact design makes the device lightweight and stable.


Technical specifications:

- Rotatable valve block, GL 45 thread.
- Can be disassembled for cleaning
- Tool-free calibration
- Recording of current data with automatic shutdown
- Parts in contact with media are made of borosilicate glass, Al2O3, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE and platinum-iridium

Model Capacity Accuracy
BC1 10 ml 10 µl
BC2 25 ml 18 µl
BC3 50 ml 30 µl

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