Climate chambers

  • Climate chambers for stability tests

    Climate chambers for stability tests

    Stability test climatic chambers are used to conduct tests with stable climatic conditions. With the introduction of ATP line technology, the...

  • Dynamic climate change chambers

    Dynamic climate change chambers

    Dynamic climate change chambers are devices used for environmental tests requiring high temperatures reaching up to 180oC. These devices are...


Climate chambers are used for conducting research work and experiments that require constant controlled temperature and humidity. The specialties of the chambers we offer are absolutely reliable stability tests and accurate maintenance of constant climatic conditions set in the device. In doing so, they will meet all relevant research conditions from programming to documentation of research processes carried out in the chambers. Most chambers are equipped with a reliable emergency protection system against uncontrolled temperature rise, which is of vital importance during the long-term operation of the equipment we are dealing with during the test. The protection system directly monitors the compliance of the temperature inside the working chamber with the desired temperature programmed by the user. Some of the chambers use a dual temperature emergency protection system, so that in the event of an emergency, the unit automatically shuts down and informs the user that an emergency has occurred. The systems continuously monitor the compatibility of the set temperature with the temperature inside the chamber. The climate chambers also allow research work in controlled ranges from 10 to 95% relative humidity, thus simulating conditions close to natural conditions. The climate chambers are also equipped with RS232 connectors, allowing the user to record the device's operating parameters either on a computer or on an external independent carrier. The climate chambers are designed to be in accordance with the latest state of the art, which in practice ensures high efficiency and ease of operation by the user. To ensure safe operation, the devices provide continuous monitoring, and this can also be done using the Internet via remote communication with the user. If necessary, receiving emergency information via SMS message to the user's phone is also available after entering the phone number that has been programmed into the device's display. Climate chambers are most commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for testing the stability of medicinal products, the cosmetics industry for testing the aging processes of stored products, the road industry for drying samples in the asphalt testing process and the construction industry for conditioning concrete samples, and the electronics industry for testing electronic components and testing devices with electronic circuits. The automotive industry uses climate chambers from simulating the conditions under which parts will be used in motor vehicles so as to test how materials used in the automotive industry will behave during long-term testing, which affects the safety of all drivers. Optimizing the conduct of tests using climate chambers is a process to ensure that products are properly tested before they are put on the market.