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  • Refrigeration equipment

    Refrigeration equipment

    Pharmaceutical refrigerators Laboratory refrigerators Liebherr laboratory refrigerators Laboratory freezers Refrigerator-freezers Refrigerated cabinets Blood refrigerators Plasma freezers Low temperature freezers Ice flake generators Thermostatic boxes Lyophilizers

  • Heating equipment

    Heating equipment

    Laboratory dryers Laboratory warmers Climatic chambers Phytotron chambers CO2 incubators Laboratory ovens Water baths Mineralizers Gas burners

  • Sample preparation equipment

    Sample preparation equipment

    Laboratory centrifuges Vacuum evaporators Laboratory reactors Mechanical stirrers Magnetic stirrers Heating plates Laboratory shakers Homogenizers Vacuum pumps Digital burettes Bacterial colony counters

  • Testing of properties

    Testing of properties

    Laboratory meters Spectrophotometers and Refractometers Density Meters Polarimeters and Photometers Melting point meters Laboratory scales Laboratory thermometers Laboratory recorders BOD measuring devices Spectroscopes and Electrolysers Desimeters and thermodensimeters Alcohol meters

  • Purification <br> and sterilisation

    and sterilisation

    Laboratory dishwashers Water purification systems Autoclaves Ultrasonic cleaners Equipment for milk banks

  • Furniture <br> and fume hoods

    and fume hoods

    Laboratory furniture systems Laboratory fume hoods Fume cupboards Laminar chambers Safety cabinets Local exhaust ventilation Laboratory chairs Sump trays Racks and containers


We analyze all of your needs in detail

The offer is always tailored to the individual needs of the client.

The offer is prepared with extreme care

Products are carefully selected according to needs, preferences and quality.

We employ qualified specialists

Our experienced Team, will help you with the implementation, even the most complex and demanding projects

We are a leader in laboratory equipment

We have distribution agreements with major domestic as well as foreign manufacturers

We co-work with trusted partners

Lec medical
Mettler Toledo

Comprehensive laboratory supplies and equipment - Danlab

Our company provides high-quality laboratory equipment to equip any laboratory with the necessary equipment for daily work. We offer all kinds of measuring instruments, as well as all kinds of specialized chemical equipment, such as refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, laboratory glassware, disinfection preparations, sample preparation and purification and sterilization equipment, as well as laboratory equipment for property testing, and small laboratory assortment.

Danlab to comprehensively equip chemical laboratory

We carry both laboratory glassware and equipment, as well as laboratory furniture designed for working in a chemical space, which we can individually arrange.

Since the company is made up of chemists as well as people with related education, we provide qualified assistance and professional selection of laboratory equipment and laboratory furniture tailored to the individual needs of your laboratory. For advanced laboratory equipment, we include certificates and tests and perform equipment qualification. Our commitment makes us select laboratory equipment in a very short time.

Our product range is very diverse

From professional freezers and refrigerators to small laboratory and medical equipment. We supply everything you need to equip your laboratory. Our store offers competitive prices and a wide assortment for every budget. We supply laboratory equipment only from reputable manufacturers such as Lec Medical, Telstar, Labcold, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, Steroglass, Raypa, Kruss and Vacuubrand. We perform installation, as well as training in the area of operation and use of laboratory equipment. Our employees constantly undergo training at the manufacturers of the offered laboratory equipment, thus improving their qualifications. In addition to the permanent offer of glassware and laboratory equipment available on our website, we also offer you the opportunity to plan your laboratory, which we will do on your request.

Numerous awards and prizes won at specialized fairs are proof that Danlab is a trusted partner in supplying equipment for your laboratory.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and satisfaction with our laboratory equipment is the best proof of the effort devoted to its selection , so the opinions of our customers are very important to us. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of laboratory equipment at DANLAB