Cryo vessels

  • Containers for liquid nitrogen

    Containers for liquid nitrogen

    Liquid nitrogen containers are used for long-term storage of nitrogen, loaded with low loss of liquid nitrogen held. Some of them are additionally...

  • Containers for storing samples in liquid nitrogen

    Containers for storing samples in liquid nitrogen

    Containers for storing samples in liquid nitrogen are made of stainless steel, and are characterized by maintaining a very low and stable temperature...

  • Cold traps

    Cold traps

    Cold traps are used to freeze liquids and solids from the gas phase. They are often used: to protect vacuum pumps from impurities; to clean gases...

  • Safety accessories

    Safety accessories

    We have a wide range of protective accessories to ensure safety during cryogenic freezing. Storage of materials in liquid nitrogen requires contact...


Cryo vessels are vacuum containers used to store and transport liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen. Thanks to their robust thermal insulation, cryo vessels allow longer storage compared to other storage methods. These devices, due to their purpose, are great for laboratories, health care, sports medicine and industry. We offer cryo vessels in a variety of capacities - from a few tens of milliliters to even more than six hundred liters. We offer a wide range of cryo vessels - these are containers for liquid nitrogen, containers for storing products in liquid nitrogen vapor, dewar vessels and also accessories for cryo vessels. Liquid nitrogen containers are used for long-term storage of liquid nitrogen, evaporation of the contents is minimized and allows to keep the contents for a long time. Some of the containers can be additionally retrofitted with a set of cryo racks or nitrogen level alarm setting systems. Liquid nitrogen containers are great for many fields, chemical, pharmaceutical and many others. They are most often used in cryotechnics, cryobiology, cryomedicine and also in gastronomy. Liquid nitrogen containers are used not only for storage but also for transporting frozen material. We offer liquid nitrogen vessels in a very wide range of capacities. These devices are usually made of aluminum, they are lightweight, and for larger models you can buy mobile bases that help move the devices, and special kits that help safely transfer the contents from a larger container to smaller portable vessels. Portable dishes are additionally equipped with a handle that is convenient for carrying. The vacuum valve in the vessels allows for maximum safety during storage and handling of the contents. Statistical storage time of material inside cryogenic vessels can reach up to six months. Some models of dewars can be used to work with magnetic stirrers Can be used to work with magnetic stirrers to cool small samples during mixing. There are many types and types of dewars and everyone will find a vessel to suit their needs in our offer. More advanced models allow not only to carry nitrogen or hold material in liquid gases, but also to store material in gas vapors. Such solutions require special vessel design. The capacity of such vessels can reach up to 68,880 straws or up to 6,000 vials. We also offer a wide range of storage accessories. We offer equipment from world renowned suppliers, their wide range will allow us to present for you the optimal solution tailored to your needs. We also offer necessary accessories such as gloves, tongs and cryogenic aprons.