Drying chambers

  • Drying and heating chambers with natural convection

    Drying and heating chambers with natural convection

    Drying chambers with natural convection enable accurate and reliable drying and heating processes for materials. The devices are characterized...

  • Drying and heating chambers with forcd convection

    Drying and heating chambers with forcd convection

    Forced-air drying chambers are used for drying, heating and other research work requiring elevated temperatures. A great advantage of these devices...

  • Vacuum drying chambers

    Vacuum drying chambers

    Vacuum drying chambers are ideal for easily oxidizable substances and thermally unstable products. These devices offer efficient and gentle drying...

  • Safety drying chambers

    Safety drying chambers

    Safe drying chambers are ideal for drying lacquers and coating materials containing solvent. Thanks to the use of dust-free and silicone-free...


Drying chambers are thermostatic devices that allow them to maintain a temperature higher than the ambient temperature in which they are located. This device allows you to maintain an even temperature inside the chamber during the research processes carried out in it. Laboratory drying chambers offered by us are characterized by high Quality, as well as stability of temperature processes thanks to microprocessor PID temperature controllers. All this ensures the accuracy of the conducted research processes. In addition, our drying chambers, thanks to modern technologies, provide a very short heating time to the set temperature and quiet operation of the device. In our offer we have drying chambers which include different heating systems. Some of the drying chambers have a convection heating system, some of them are supported by the work of a fan, which in turn forces a more uniform temperature system inside the chamber. Depending on the model and manufacturer, drying chambers have different displays and programmers of their work. Some of the devices are equipped with easy-to-program liquid crystal displays, making the setting of device parameters extremely friendly. Combined with the possibility of ongoing control of the parameters set in the device, this provides an excellent alternative for process control. Other devices we offer have the ability to program so-called time ramps, i.e. work at a given time at a preset temperature, and then rise to a different time interval and a different preset temperature. This is extremely useful in aging research processes where the residence of a material in given time and temperature conditions simulates the conditions in which the material will be used. Some of the devices we offer provide accurate data recording of the processes taking place in the device, which is done using a memory card in the device's USB port. We offer drying chambers with natural temperature circulation, so-called natual convection drying chambers, forced temperature circulation drying chambers, vacuum drying chambers, as well as drying chambers for safe drying of materials with small amounts of solvents. Laboratory drying chambers is used in hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, pharmacies and other units conducting research in where we have the need to heat the material to higher temperatures. Some of the laboratory drying chambers we offer are equipped with Apt.Line™ technology with forced convection for air circulation, which heats the air in the chamber, guiding it around the heating elements that are in the pre ( primary) heating chamber. The stream of heated air is transferred horizontally into the inner chamber through openings that are located on the side walls. A fan located in the chamber of the device distributes the air inside the preheating chamber and the cyclic process starts from the beginning. This method ensures high uniformity and temperature stability in laboratory drying chambers. The processes taking place are short and thus the heating and heat convection times are extremely fast in the device chamber. Laboratory drying chambers for the simulation of environmental conditions perfectly support the research of our laboratory technicians in their daily work in the laboratory. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technique and technology used, it is possible to obtain good results in scientific and research work, in industry, in production and in the development of research in the directions of new products.