Laboratory freezers

  • Compact


    The compact laboratory freezer is an indispensable device in the laboratory for freezing and storing frozen slides in rooms with limited space....

  • Single


    The single laboratory freezer allows safe storage of temperature-sensitive substances, explosives and also flammable materials. Ergonomic design...

  • Double


    The double laboratory freezer is used in laboratories with high storage needs. Samples are stored at negative temperatures. To ensure high safety...

  • Chest freezers

    Chest freezers

    Chest laboratory freezers are equipment that exhibit a single-compressor cooling system, so they consume less energy while using the device at...


Laboratory freezers allow safe storage of temperature-sensitive products that require freezing, explosive materials, as well as flammable materials with which we come into contact in laboratory work. Some of the offered freezers are in explosion-proof execution (Ex), the so-called spark free. Providing such conditions ensures stabilization of the stored material and the possibility of its safe use in the future. Standard equipment of each freezer includes a key lock, which prevents unauthorized access by unauthorized persons to the interior of the device, and an antibacterial handle to prevent the growth of bacteria and minimize the risk of contamination when opening the freezer. In the present time, laboratory freezers with a code lock have also appeared on the market, which protects access to the freezer from unauthorized persons. In our wide range of products we have compact freezers, single freezers, as well as double freezers, that is, built with two independent chambers. Two independent chambers are a very convenient solution because they provide us with two independent sources of storage of material in the chamber at different temperatures. Our laboratory freezers are characterized by high efficiency in relation to the occupied space, energy efficiency, as well as ergonomic shape and design to fit into the interior. The devices have a very good insulation layer in the form of polyurethane foam (PUR) which provides excellent insulation of the device during its operation in a laboratory or medical facility. The devices offered by our company have an interior made of high-grade steel or an interior made of plastic. Some of the devices we offer have a system of easy defrosting by selecting on the programmer. The programmers installed in our units are easy to use and provide alarm recording. Our selected units also feature potential-generating contacts that indicate alarms, and are very intuitive and easy to plug into the BMS system of a laboratory or hospital facility. The GSM system in the freezers is able to inform us about the temperature processes and send us information in the form of an SMS or e-mail when the device is working incorrectly, i.e. the set temperature is different from the temperature inside the device, or there has been a drop or cut in the electrical power supply. A number of alarm systems protect against temperature changes and improper air circulation inside the device chamber, so that stored samples are always safe. We are also able to connect our devices to UPS systems, which provide excellent support in the event of a power cut. Their backup time can be long or short depending on the user's preference and his assessment of the value of the stored material, as well as the available budget for the purchase of the UPS system.