Accessories for microscope preparations

  • Microscope slides

    Microscope slides

    A microscope slide is one of the basic accessories when working with a microscope in the laboratory. We distinguish between basic slides, on...

  • Staining dishes

    Staining dishes

    Staining of preparations takes place by placing the slides in a storage vessel - a stainer usually made of polymethylpentene. Cartridges are...

  • Microscope scissors

    Microscope scissors

    The microscope scissors are made of stainless steel. It is an item of high quality microscope work. The scissors have, very thin, straight tips...

  • Preparation instruments

    Preparation instruments

    Preparation instruments are equipment used for precision laboratory work characterized by high accuracy. In view of this, the tools must allow...


Accessories for microscope preparations are an indispensable element for efficient and easy work in any laboratory. Thanks to the accessory, the activities carried out under the microscope take place smoothly and in a fully professional manner. In our offer we have a number of instruments for processing microscope slides that facilitate the processing and work with them. Among the accessories for microscope slides we distinguish slides, glass stains, steel microscope scissors, preparation needles as well as ready-made preparation sets. Slides and stains, thanks to their manufacture from professional materials, are resistant to hot water, acids and alkaline solutions. We offer basic microscope slides in different price ranges, having places for description and such completely basic slides with ground or cut edges. Used for observing liquid and semi-liquid preparations in the form of a so-called drop hanging slide with a special inner layer. Stainers are vertical dishes for staining microscope slides. Stainers are made of glass resistant to hot water, acids, and alkaline solutions Stainers can hold 5 or 10 slides, and the lid protects the contents from evaporation. The stainer is usually made of polymethylpentene, while the cartridges are made of polypropylene additionally equipped with a handle. We also offer a plastic feeder designed for feeding clean slides. Such a container stores up to 50 slides and protects them from being soiled by the touch of fingers. The lid of the container protects against dust. The slide is retrieved by turning the knob. Microscope scissors in our offer are made of stainless steel. The scissors have, very thin, straight tips curved or straight upwards to precisely perform the necessary processing of microscope slides. We offer right- and left-handed versions of scissors, as well as smooth and serrated blades.Preparation tools are equipment often used for precision laboratory work characterized by high accuracy. We offer both large preparation sets and small preparation sets.The small preparation set includes microscope scissors, pointed scalpel, pointed tweezers, straight preparation needle, lancet with plastic handle and spatula for easy tissue removal, while the large preparation set additionally features microscope scissors, folding razor with plastic handle and preparation needle.