Mechanical stirrers CAT

  • Mechanical stirrers series R

    Mechanical stirrers series R

    Producer: CAT

    Nr CAT:

    Viscosity: to 60 000 mPas, to 70 000 mPas, to 100 000 mPas, to 10 000 mPas, to 50 000 mPas, to 8 000 mPas, to 30 000 mPas, to 100 mPas

    Max vol. work [l]: 200, 35, 100


CAT mechanical stirrers are laboratory devices used for rheometric tests. The advantage of these mixers is the use of a high-power microprocessor, which ensures high accuracy with maximum torque. These devices have a display that shows all data ( power input, power output, rpm) as well as speed and time. It is possible to program the RPM, minimum and maximum motor speed in CAT mechanical mixers. What distinguishes these mechanical mixers is the innovative CAT technology, which makes it possible to fully control and document parameters and record them in computer memory, on external media or directly printed.