System containers CEN

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  • For flammable materials
  • Compatible with WGK 1-3 codes, and F/F+ grade
  • Frames made of wood and rolled profiles
  • Sliding or swing doors
  • Storage platforms

System containers allow safe outdoor storing of flammable materials, F/F+ grade materials or WGK 1-3 grade fluids which poses a thret to environment - in accordance with proper laws.

- System containers for outdoor storing of dangerous materials
-Compatible with WGK 1-3 codes, and F/F+ grade
- Equipment suitable for storing tanks (barrels, KTC tanks)
- Frames made of wood and rolled profiles, according to static weight
- Storage platforms made in the form of grid grates hot-dip galvanized
- Delivered along with rich equipment, such as lighting, heating etc.
- Containers have sliding or swing doors

Model Capacity Dimensions
CEN 27 555 l 2910x1500x3070 mm
CEN 27-1000 1130 l 2900x1550x3540 mm
CEN 33-1000 1170 l 3600x1550x3500 mm
CEN 54 1120 l 5700x 1550 x 3070 mm
CEN 54-1000 1340 l 5700x 1550x 3400 mm
CEN 65 1600 l 7000x1550x3400 mm

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