Precision scales WLC C/2 series

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  • Precise weight determination
  • Battery and RS 232 power supply
  • Avarage battery time 15 hours
  • Stainless steel scale
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Under-panel weighing
  • For non-standard size loads
  • Stabilization time 3s
  • Operating temperature +15 to +30 Celsius degrees
  • Protection IP43

WLC scales are designed for fast and accurate weight determination in laboratory and industrial conditions. They can also be used in places without access to mains power supply (230V), as they are equipped with an internal battery and RS 232 interface as standard. All types of scales (pan: 195×195, 300×300 and 400×500 mm) have a pan made of stainless steel and a backlit LCD display that guarantees good readability of the result. WLC A2 scales also have the ability to weigh loads outside the weighing platform (so-called under-panel weighing), where the load is suspended under the scale. This is an alternative for loads of non-standard dimensions and shapes.








Model Max load [g] Accuracy Linear [g]
WLC 0,6/A1/C/2 0,6 kg 0,01 g 0,02 g
WLC 1/A2/C/2 1 kg 0,01 g 0,03 g
WLC 2/A2/C/2 2 kg 0,01 g 0,03 g
WLC 6/A2/C/2 6 kg 0,1 g 0,3 g