Precision scales EW-N series

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  • Stable temperature bahavior
  • Ahort stabilization time
  • Impact resistant design
  • High corner load performance
  • Performance indicator
  • GLP / ISO recording of weight values
  • Summing of pieces during counting
  • Size (W x D x H) 158 x 130 x 78mm
  • Protective working cover

The EW-NM scale is a device with extremely precise measurement. The scale uses CAL program adjustments for quick adjustment of scale accuracy using an external test weight. The scales are characterized by short stabilization time and even temperature maintenance. The rugged construction is resistant to impacts. The scales show high performance on corner loading, which is monitored by a luminous bar displaying how much of the measuring range is still available.



Model Max load [g] Accuracy Linear [g]
EW 220-3NM 220 g 0,001 g 0,002 g
EW 420-3NM 420 g 0,001 g 0,003 g
EW 620- 3NM 620 g 0,001 g 0,003 g
EW 820- 2NM 820 g 0,01 g 0,01 g
EW 2200- 2NM 2200 g 0,01 g 0,01 g
EW 4200-2NM 4200 g 0,01 g 0,02 g
EW 6200-2NM 6200 g 0,01 g 0,03 g
EW 12000-1NM 12000 g 0,1 g 0,2 g