Anti-vibration weighing tables

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  • 1 or 2 anti-vibration plates
  • Metal support structure
  • Granite work plate finished with aluminum strip
  • Optional: mobile cabinet
The weighing table, otherwise known as an anti-vibration table, is an indispensable piece of equipment for every laboratory and measurement laboratory.
Thanks to a special working plate together with a rigid supporting structure (the so-called anti-vibration weighing plate) placed on the tabletop, all shocks and vibrations caused by devices inside or outside the room that could affect the accuracy of measurements are eliminated.

Anti-vibration weighing tables - we offer single-station, double-station and single-station table with mobile cabinet.

We offer single- or double-station weighing tables.
The table can be additionally equipped with a mobile cabinet.

We also make tables to order according to the specifications received from the customer.

Model Dimensions Number od places
Single-station 1000mm x 700mm x 900mm 1 anti-vibration plate
Two-station 1500mm x 700mm x 800mm 2 anti-vibration plates
On request to be agreed 1 or 2 anti-vibration plates