DS digital densitometers

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  • Touch screen with software in six languages
  • Data transfer to USB drive
  • Programmable measurement units
  • Password protected user management (optional)
  • Friendly RS-232, USB and Ethernet interfaces for PC connection
  • 32-bit processor
  • Integrated, high-quality Peltier thermostat
  • Drying unit, thermostatic pump
  • SQL database
  • NIST calibration certificate
  • GLP compliance

The DS7700 and DS7800 density meters use the U-tube oscillator method, enabling simple, fast and precise measurements of all liquid media. Thanks to their compact size, intelligent user interface, and compliance with many standards (including: GMP/GLP), they are optimally suited for all needs in the laboratory.
Variants are available with fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual execution of the entire measurement process.

Ease of use, fast measurements and a high standard of safety are the main features of the DS7700 and DS7800 density meters.

These devices are very robust as well as precise. Thanks to the chemically resistant borosilicate glass and PTFE parts that are in constant contact with the sample, these density meters are suitable for almost all liquids, emulsions, pastes and the like.

The difference between them lies in the measurement accuracy and type of drying device, all other parameters are identical. Density meters are used for determining mixed ratios, quality and quantity tests in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, brewing, food and wastewater industries.


Models DS 7700 DS 7800
Measurement scales Density [g/cm³].
Relative density
Brix [%Brix]
Alcohol concentration [vol%]
Sulfuric acid concentration [wt%]
Range of measurement [g/cm³] 0 – 3
Accuracy of measurement [g/cm³] ±0,001 ±0,0001
Measuring time Approximately 1-3 minutes, including temperature control
Sample volume (manual feed) [ml] 0.9
Ambient temperature range [°C] 10 to 40
Accuracy of temperature measurement [°C] ±0,02
Number of methods Virtually unlimited methods can be set up
Calibration Automatic (based on menu), with dried air and distilled water
Display 5.7-inch TFT touchscreen, 640 x 480 pixels
Structure Powder-coated aluminum housing
Interface 1x USB, 1x RS-232, 1x Ethernet
Voltage 100–240 V, 47–63 Hz

Sets available:

  • Set 1/Set 2: DS7700-1/DS7800-1/DS7700-2/DS7800-2 - DS7800 Density Meter for manual sample feeding
    Odpowiednie do małych objętości próbek

    For manual addition of samples by syringe, we offer two different sets of densitometers: for low-volume and high-viscosity samples, we recommend set 1, and for high-viscosity and aggressive samples, we recommend set 2. During sample addition, the presence of air bubbles can be checked through the sight glass. For cleaning, a suitable dissolving agent is injected and removes all residues in the sample. On the other hand, the dryer removes residual liquids.

  • Set 3: DS7700-3/DS7800-3 - Density meters for semi-automatic sample replenishment

    High performance and special suitability for hazardous substances

    For low- or medium-viscosity samples, it is possible to semi-automatically refill the sample and clean the U-tube oscillator with a peristaltic pump. This means higher efficiency and greater safety when analyzing aggressive or harmful substances. It also improves the repeatability of measurement results.

  • Set 4/Set 5: DS7700-4/DS7800-4/DS7700-5/DS7800-5 - Density meters for fully automatic sample delivery

    Density meters for fully automatic sample replenishment
    Working with a high sample throughput requires flexible, efficient and robust solutions that enable fully automatic execution of the entire process, from sample replenishment to cleaning and drying. The AS80 and AS90 autosamplers meet these requirements. Together with a peristaltic pump, they allow unattended measurement of up to 89 samples. This kit is recommended for working with aggressive samples with large volumes.
Model Description
Zestaw 1/2 Manual
Zestaw 3 Semi-automatic
Zestaw 4/5 Automatic