Elektrode pH Biotrode

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  • 7 mm immersion depth required
  • Refilling
  • Small volume measurements
  • Everef system
  • SHaft diameter 3 mm
  • Ceramic diaphragm
  • Connection S7
  • Protelyte electrolyte

This Biotrode pH electrode combination is specially prepared for measurements in very small volumes, such as microtiter plates, requiring an immersion depth of only 7 mm. It is also ideal for solutions containing protein, such as Protelyte electrolyte, which prevents clogging of the membrane. The electrode is equipped with a long-term, stable Everef system. It has a 3 mm shaft designed for measurements in very small volumes.

Technical specification:

Technical specification Biotrode
pH range 0-14 pH
Temperature range 0-100oC
Handle glass
Temperature sensor N/A
Connection S7
Handle length 60 mm
Handle diameter 3 mm
Diaphragm ceramic
Reference system EVEREF
Electrolyte Protelyte
Membrane cylindryczna


Model Parameter Options
Biotrode 0-14 pH 1 membrane

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