Dissolved ozone sensor 6510i

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  • ISM technology
  • Full sensor identification
  • Calibration history
  • Adaptive Calibration Timer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dynamic Wear Indicator
  • Maintenance indicator
  • Compatible with M300 ISM and M800 transducers

The dissolved ozone sensor is equipped with ISM technology to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by ISM technology. The available features extend the life of the sensor and reduce the duration of downtime resulting from the need for routine maintenance of the sensor. The 6510i ozone sensor with ISM technology interoperates with the M300 ISM and M800 transmitters.

The benefits provided by ISM technology include such things as:
  • Full sensor identification
    - Type of sensor
    - Serial number
  • Calibration history
    - Current calibration
    - Factory callibration
    - 3 most recent calibration
  • ACT (Adaptive Calibration Timer)
    - Programmable timer to facilitate maintenance scheduling and increase operational availability of the measurement loop
    - Initial calibration period: 90 days
  • TTM (Time To Maintenance - for electrolyte and membrane)
    - Ozone concentration summed over time to determine when membrane and electrolyte replacement is necessary
  • DLI (Dynamic Lifetime Indicator) for the inner body 
    - Summarizes ozone concentration to determine remaining service life for inner body and membrane
    - The initial values are as follows:
    - Membrane lifetime: 180 days
    - Service life of the inner body: 1080 days
  • SAN (sterilization counter)
    - The lowest ozone concentration and the duration of the sterilization cycle can be defined in the transmitter

Technical specification:

Technical data Model
Operation range 0-5000ppb (mg/l)
Precision +/-4% or 3ppb
Cables 1-10 m
Material Flow housing made of polycarbonate or 316 stainless steel, probe, silicone rubber diaphragm
Respond time at 25 ° C (air -> N2) 90% in 30 sek
Temperature range °C Temperature of sample
Sample flow rate 200-500 ml/min with housing


Model Parameter Accuracy Temperature [° C]
Model 6510i 0 - 5000ppb ± 1% or ± 1 ppb 0-60 oC