Elektrode pH Flushtrode

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  • For viscous, weak ionic and proteinaceous substances
  • Cylindrical membrane
  • Easy cleaning
  • Made of glass
  • Electrolyte 3 M Kcl
  • Everef System
  • Connection S7
  • Grinding diaphragm


The FlushTrode electrode is ideal for measuring viscous, weak ionic and protein substances. The sleeve diaphragm makes it possible to perform measurements under harsh conditions where other pH electrodes are unable to read. The electrode is easy to clean, made of glass with sleeve membrane. For samples containing protein, the electrolyte should be replaced with ProteltyeTM.

Examples application/use:
- aqueous emulsions
- paints/varnishes
- cosmetics
- mayonnaise/cream
- surface
- protein solutions
- non-aqueous solutions
- fruit juice
- sewage
- drinking water
- deionized water

Technical specification:

Technical specification Flushtrode
pH range 0-14 pH
Temperature range -10-80oC
Shaft glass
Temperature sensor N/A
Connector S7
Shaft length 120 mm
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Diaphragm grinding
Reference system EVEREF
Electrolyte 3 M KCl
Membrane cylindrical



Model Parameter Temperature [° C]
Flushtrode 0-14 pH -10-80 oC

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