Elektrode pH Flatrode

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  • Flat annular membrane
  • Plastic Shaft
  • Increased contact with the sample
  • Everef system
  • Connector head S7
  • Electrolyte Skylite-CL
  • Hle diaphragm
  • Plastic shaft

The Flatrode is a pH electrode with a true flat membrane used for surface measurements such as paper, agar plates or even leather. Equipped with a durable plastic shaft with an annular diaphragm, it quarantees a quick response and improves the contact between the sample and the standard sample. Thanks to the increased contact of the sample with the specimen, the reaction time is short.

Technical specification:

Technical specification Flatrode
pH range 0-14 pH
Temperature range 0-60 °C
Shaft plastic
Temperature sensor N/A
Connector head  S7
Shaft lenght 120 mm
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Diaphragm borehole
Reference system EVEREF
Electrolyte Skylite-CL
Membrane flat
Model Parameter Temperature [° C]
Flatrode 0-14 pH 0-60

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