Dissolved oxygen polarographic sensor

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  • Reliable design
  • Accurate zero point
  • Very high response accuracy
  • ISM technology
  • Sensor preamplifiers
  • Detection limit 8ppb

The above-standard sensors provide high precision and fast response at the lower end of the scale. Long-life industrial sensors are a reliable design that can function for several years without any internal maintenance or parts replacement. Sensor preamplifiers include barometric pressure measurement and correction during calibration. THORNTON's high-performance sensor capability at ppb dissolved oxygen levels is unrivaled in most demanding applications. A suitable feature of the sensors is an accurate zero point and very high response accuracy over the entire measurement range. This allows proper operation at each level and guarantees instant response when changing from one level to another. The ISM® version of the sensors allows for digital processing of weak signals, which increases measurement reliability.



Model Accuracy Options Description
Model 1 1% +1 ppb Detection limit 8ppb The most demanding applications for clean, low ppb water and microelectronics