Elektrode LoT series

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  • Needle electrode
  • XEROLYT PLUS polymer electrolyte
  • High resistance
  • Argenthal system
  • Opened apparatus connector
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Safety and service
  • Low-maintenance requirement

The LoT406-M6-DXK electrode is a needle electrode with a polymer shaft and XEROLYT PLUS polymer electrolyte, dedicated especially to pH measurement in meat, sausage and cheese. The open diaphragm minimizes the appearance of the exposed, which causes the appearance of proteins and fats.

Refilling with electrolyte is not necessary because the electrolyte is a solid polymer. After placement the pH electrode on the optional punching knife, meat and meat products can be easily penetrated. With such a set, accurate measurement results are obtained without the need for time-consuming samping.

The needle-shaped membrane is characterized by high resistance, the plastic shank is made of food grade PBT (FDA approved).

Technical specification:

Dane techniczne LoT406-M6-DXK-S7/25
Number of membranes 1
Silver ion trap no
Membrane open aperture connection
pH range 2-11
Pressure resistance (bar) Athmosperic pressure
Pressure resistance (psi) Athmosperic pressure
Reference system System Argenthal
Sterilizable no
Temperature range 0-80 °C
Autoclavable no
ISM no
Technical data Needle pH electrode with low maintenance requirements


Model Parameter Options
LoT406-M6-DXK-S7/25 2-11 pH 1 membrane

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