Portable pH meter 1140 bi-directional RS232 communication, Ex version

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  • Innovative design
  • Version for explosive atmospheres
  • Data logger for up to 100 results
  • Glass display
  • Foil keyboard
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Explosion-proof version available
  • Calimatic system
  • Sensoface function
The innovative design of the 1140 pH meter enables optimum use in various applications. The hazardous area (Ex) version of the 1140-X is dedicated especially to the use in hazardous areas found in the chemical industry. The scratch-resistant glass display and the entire meter are resistant to chemicals. The data logger is capable of storing up to 100 measurement results including pH, temperature, date and time. This makes the meter unique in its class.

Useful for industrial and laboratory applications, e.g. in cheese production, slaughterhouses (HACCP process monitoring), breweries, verification measurements, as well as measurements carried out under field conditions. The smooth foil keypad for heavy-duty applications is chemically resistant and easy to clean. Easy-to-read liquid crystal display.Ergonomic design. Explosion-proof version available (EEX ia IIC T6 and FM Class I Div I).

The Calimatic system automatically performs all functions needed to calibrate the sensor/electrode, including single-point calibration or two-point calibration if so indicated by the user. An innovative feature of Sensoface provides information on the status of the sensor/electrode displayed in the form of corresponding 'buzzers'.

The data logger is capable of storing up to 100 measurement results including pH, temperature, date and time; ideal for use in ISO and GLP compliant management systems. Communication via RS232 serial interface, bi-directional; can be used to connect a printer or computer.

Useful for industrial and laboratory applications
The convenient and ergonomic design with IP66 protection makes the pH meter 1140 useful in all types of applications. The integrated real-time clock allows the measured values to be stored properly arranged and assigned.

Validation support with documentation support system
Oprogroamme is supplied with the meter and provides a convenient way of establishing documentation and further processing data on the computer. This guarantees access to quality management documentation that meets ISO 9000 and GLP requirements at all times.

Technical specifications :
Technical specifications : PH-metr 1140
Accuracy <0.01 pH / <0.1 % o.m. ±0.3 mV
mV range -1300 to +1300
pH range -2.00 to +16.00
Power supply 3 AA alkaline batteries, operating time approx. 2000 h, clock mode >2 years
Protection IP66
Sensor inputs DIN 19 262
Temperature probe Pt1000 / NTC 30 kOhm
Communication RS232, two-directional
FM Class I Div I
ATEX Certification EEX ia IIC T6

Model Parameter Accuracy
pH metr 1140 pH, mV <0.01 pH / <0.1 % o.m. ±0.3 mV