Miernik SensoDirect pH 110

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  • pH measurement
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Lightweight protective housing
  • Large digital display

High-quality battery-operated hand-held instrument for pH determination. Handy to use and user-friendly.


  • Housing
The protective case protects against falling, the stand attached to the back of the case can also be used as a hanger or belt clip.

  • Function "HOLD"
The data obtained is practically 'frozen' on the display by this function, making it easy to read the results.

  • Auto battery check
The battery level is continuously monitored. In this way, the battery can be replaced in good time.


Model SensoDirect pH 110 kit includes: meter, pH electrode, battery and instruction manual.

SensoDirect pH 110 model (kit) The kit includes: meter in a robust plastic case, pH electrode, battery, pH buffers (4.01/7.00) and operating instructions.

Model SensoDirect pH 110
Measurement range   0 - 14 pH
Power supply battery 9 V
Auto-off yes
Type of meter portable
Working conditions 0 - 50°C; 0 - 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Protection class IP 30
Dimensions   110 x 34 x 208 mm
Weight   380 g
Model Description
SensoDirect pH 110 pH

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